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Bowling Tournaments

9th Annual Holly Classic (JAN 2020) (OPEN)

8th Annual Holly Classic (Mar 2019) (Completed)

7th Annual Holly Classic (Feb 2018) (Completed)

6th Annual Holly Classic (Feb 2017) (Completed)

Michigan Majors (May 2016 15th)(Completed)

Flint USBC City Tournament (Apr 30th - Mar 1st)(Completed)

Flint Women's City Doubles Tournament (Apr 23rd)(Completed)

Small Town Classic (Apr 2016) (Completed)

5th Annual Holly Classic (Feb 2016) (Completed)

9-Pin No Tap (Jan 2016) (Completed)

Bakers Dubles (Jan 2016) (Completed)

4th Annual Holly Classic (Feb 2015) (Completed)

3rd Annual Holly Classic (Feb 2014) (Completed)

1st Annual New Years Classic (Completed)

9-Pin No Tap Doubles (Dec 2014) (Completed)




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