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3rd Annual Holly Classic

Tournament Rules 2014

1) Handicap is 90% of 230.
2) 4 Game Qualifier.
3) Match Play Finals will be based on Number of Entries.
4) Entry fee is $40 per person.  $30 goes to prize fund and $10 goes toward lineage and expenses.
6) Bowling date is Saturday, February 8th & 9th, 2014.
7) Check in time starts at 9am, you can check in for a later squad up to a half hour before that squad starts. 
8) Bowling time is 11am, 3:00pm, and 7pm.  Each squad is limited to 78 entries.  Only prepaid entries will reserve your spot.  Registration closes 30 minutes prior to each squad or when squads are full.
9) All bowlers will use last year’s highest USBC yearbook average.
10) Bowlers w/o an average last year will use this year’s highest USBC average, if 21   
Games or more are bowled.  If none, they will bowl scratch.
11) The Tournament Director reserves the right to reject any entry.
12) Tournament is open to all sanctioned. Non-Sanctioned bowl scratch and may be subject to local fees.
14) Payoff will be immediately after match play on Sunday February 10th.
15) The decision of the Tournament Director shall be final and the USBC Tournament Rulebook covers any rules not covered here.
16) If an incorrect average is reported, then USBC Rule 319a-3 will be used.
17) This will be USBC Certified Event.
18) The top 16 places will qualify for double match play elimination. Each match will be 2 games and the total pin fall with handicap will determine the winner.  If there are less than 16 entries for a division, that division will be subdivided at the discretion of the tournament director, to ensure adequate match play finals.
19) Matches will be seeded based on overall qualifying score including handicap. The tournament director has final say over pairings, lane assignments, and determinations.
20) If a lane breaks down, all efforts by the center will be made to correct any issue.  If it is determined that the problem cannot be fixed the center reserves the right to move the bowlers to an alternate lane. The lane conditions will remain the same, each bowler will be given 1 warm up shot on each lane, and all scores will be transferred to the alternate lane. 
22) Prior to the starting of bowling bowlers will be given a 10-minute practice session on there assigned lanes.
23) Re-Entry: A bowler may attempt to qualify in an additional squad, after their initial attempt is completed.  A new entry fee must be paid.  Only the highest score of the two sets bowled will count. All other scores will be eliminated.
24) All registration Fee's are final and no refunds will be given for no shows.


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