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1st Annual New Years Classic

Tournament Rules


1.       Have fun, this is not the PBA it is a 9-pin tournament.  If your not here for fun and to maybe win some extra shopping money then you are in the wrong bowling center.

2.       Each team will bowl 4 games, the total score of both bowlers will be used to calculate the total of each game, and then the total score for the 4 game set.

3.       The team should consist of 1 male and 1 female bowler. 

  • If you bowl on an all female team you will be awarded 10 extra pins, which is 5 pins per bowler. 

  • If you bowl on an all male team you will give up 10 pins per bowler for a 20-pin donation. 

  • This is in lieu of handicap and allows an even playing field for all participants.  This rule is non negotiable and by participating in this event you agree to this rule. 

  • Each bowler must  be over the age of 18 to bowl in this tournament and understand that by entering this contest you have the opportunity to win a cash prize.  If this renders you ineligible for future collegiate events or amateur statuses you take full responsibility and accept any and all consequences.  Know before you throw.

4.       This is 9-Pin No Tap tournament, which means if the bowler scores a 9 on the first ball it, will count as a strike.  If the bowler leaves 8 or less then a second ball must be thrown to complete the frame.

5.       1 in every 3 teams will advance to match play.  Match play will consist of a 1 game match; highest team score will advance to the next round. 

6.       Teams will be seeded by RANDOM draw and will be assigned random lanes; this will be done by the house and is not open to discussion.  This is fun remember!

7.       Entry Fee & Payouts:  Fee is $40 per team. 

  • The house will take $15 of each team entry fee for lineage

  • The other $25 per team will go to the prize fund.

8.       The house has the final say and all decisions will be made in the best interest of the bowler, but the house has final discretion of all matters regarding this tournament.

9.       Prize Money will be paid out immediately following bowling and will be paid in cash.  If you qualify for match play you will cash.  Based on 30 entries the prize fund will be $750

1st: $150, 2nd: $90, 3rd: $85, 4th: $80, 5th: $70, 6th: $65, 7th: $60, 8th: $55, 9th: $50, 10th: $45


Get your bowling equipment ready for the tournament!

Conveniently located inside Holly Lanes Bowling Center!

Phone: Holly Lanes Contact Number

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